Wording place – placing words

Writing Creatively with Paul Matthews.


How close to the world can we get with our words?

How close to us can the world get with its words?


Through guided writing tasks (both playful and profound) the elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire in the world around us will (while providing a subject matter) lend their qualities to our perception and our language.

Sometimes we will take our pens and tongues into the fields and garden and test our words upon the stones, ponds, flowers, frogs and people that we find there, catching the poetry of the passing moment and letting memories of such encounters inform our writing. What we write we will speak in our circle; what we speak will invigorate our further writing.

In the Common Ground that we create together there will be time both for language to come alive in our attentive responses to one other and for quiet composition. Simple movement exercises will bring a further insight into the dynamics of the Four Elements and the gestures through which nature speaks to us. Do bring any pieces you have written (and musical instruments if you play one) so that we can create our evenings together.

In this weekend emphasis will be as much upon creative process as on the finished work. Beginners and the more experienced are equally welcome.

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2 thoughts on “Wording place – placing words

    1. commongroundni Post author

      Hi Marilyn – I’m glad you are interested in this workshop – Paul is a wonderful facilitator. It will be worth the journey. And we can co-create a visit that is longer than the workshop in which you can participate in other aspects of Common Ground and perhaps see a bit more of Fermanagh with the farm as your base. I look forward to your being there. RB


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