Vision and Mission for Common Ground Community

Our vision is a vibrant and earth-rooted community of all beings, embodied in healing, creativity and connection to each other, the land, and the sacred circle of life.

Our mission is to tend to the land and community in a holistic, connected, and regenerative way; whilst honouring the sacredness of all life, nurturing collective healing, and celebrating the diversity of nature and humanity.

27 February 2023

Common Ground

No matter how many walls we build
fences we stretch across this landscape –
No matter how many names we speak
against the others to make them different, wrong –

Each of us was born from the soil of this land
to breathe the same air, drink the same water –

We share one sky – our lingering looks at changing clouds
and the pattern they cast on the hills we call home –

And in the folds of these valleys,
the woods, fields, hedgerows,
daily conversation of wren, robin and blackbird
is broadcast to anyone who cares to stop, to listen –

From dawn to dusk sunlight is offered equally,
our shadows stretch and withdraw at the same rate –

At night we turn our faces upwards,
enter the shared wonder of the stars –

You point to the plough – I nod in agreement.
The moon invites us all to the freedom of our dreams.
When the wind blows from the east everyone feels the chill
and as rain falls there is no law to say whose field gets wet –

The ground receives your hayseed and mine equally,
makes no specific promise based upon the creed I speak
or the colour of your skin.

In life the earth receives our blood and tears without question.
In death it embraces our bones without favour.

©Robbie Breadon