The dreaming land

This is an indoor/outdoor workshop with Sharon Blackie.

This workshop focuses on deepening our relationship with the land and with place through myth and story. We’ll explore a range of practices which will help us develop a rich, authentic and grounded relationship with the natural world around us, and bring us back into balance with the land on which we live. We’ll learn to listen to the land’s dreaming, and to weave ourselves fully into the web of life in our places. We’ll learn how to create a storied landscape – both inner and outer – and to weave the two braids together into a web of relationship.

The area around Common Ground is as rich in myth and legend as any other part of these islands – Here be giants! Here be fairies! To enter the stream of the imaginal here brings the prospect of meeting Aine, Erann, Finn McCool, tracking last wolf in Ireland or the mythical water horse.

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