Short courses

These weekend workshops are offered on a flexible (residential or non-residential) basis. They give a range of possible ways of changing our relationship with place-landscape-nature.

Think of them as a series of lenses to look at the countryside:

Religion – the Inter-faith Nature workshop will support an investigation and conversation about how nature is represented in the major religions. It will involve review of the scared texts and stimulate renewed motivation to take care of the other than human.

History – the Landscape & History workshop will look at how the landscape has changed over time. It will consider the relatively short view of the last 200 years and look at how local land has been changed by agriculture, the development of towns and infrastructure. Discussions will be supported by photographic and film archives.

Ecology – the Local Ecology workshop will guide participants to a greater appreciation of the abundant flora and fauna of the Fermanagh district. It will highlight the range of diverse habitats that are found in a relatively small area and draw attention to the unusual species that deserve protection.

The Introduction to Permaculture weekend will teach the basic principles of permaculture whilst  using the farm as a living-working example.

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