Samhain Gathering 29 and 30th October

Please come and join us for this work, creativity and
socializing weekend. This is part of an ongoing series to co-create the new chapter of Common Ground. A steering group of ten people has been meeting since the spring to start the process and now a much wider group of people are active in sociocratic circles.
This will be the first event organised by the individuals in circles.

All of this is working towards the farm where Common Ground is based being sold into community hands by July 2023. The will most likely be by forming a Community Benefit Society and raising a share offer so that hundreds of people can be involved in the
guardianship of the land.

At the heart of this community, which will connect like minded people throughout the UK and
Ireland, there will be a hub of sociocratic circles.
Sociocracy is a horizontal governance structure which empowers everyone involved.

We are looking for people to join seven circles – Land, People, Wealth and Abundance, Arts and Events and Therapies and Healing, Buildings and Yards and Education. Each circle will be autonomous and empowered to plan and make decisions about their area of interest.  Each circle will liaise with a central “general circle” – equivalent to a board.

The Land Circle includes responsibility for: the community field with its two poly tunnels, raised and field beds for vegetables, soft fruit zone, orchard, willow-for-crafts zone, a gardening group; the trees, hedges and woodland; and meadow / field management.

The People Circle includes responsibility for: membership, local participants, partnerships, working with volunteers, social media and a living in group.

The Wealth and Abundance Circle includes responsibility for: funding, grant applications, attracting
investors, accounting, crowd funding.

The Buildings and Yards Circle includes responsibility for: maintenance of current infrastructure, planning and building control applications, design and drawings and building project management.

The Arts and Events Circle includes responsibility for: the annual gathering, a seasonal cycle of events, poetry writing / reading events, arts and crafts workshops and dances.

The Therapies and Healing Circle includes
responsibility for: onsite ecotherapy, retreats,
other therapies onsite, ecotherapy training and other workshops.

The Education Circle includes
responsibility for activities, events, programs for children and young adults. And activities for adults that are largely educational.

We also need active community members (apart from the circles), to be part of this story in kinship, to have a felt sense of guardianship of the land, to come to events, to participate in workshops, to volunteer, to support specific circles and their activities, to be part of the healing.

If any of this appeals to you or you are simply curious then come along to the gathering on
Saturday 29th October. You are welcome to a working group in the poly tunnels, a mask making workshop, circle to join us for dinner and entertainment that evening. Also to stay over to Sunday morning, (camping, barn stay), for breakfast, heart sharing circle, reflective time on the land, world cafe planning session and lunch.

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