Reciprocal affinity – another way into ecopsychology

A one day workshop with Chris Robertson.

Reciprocity is only possible if there is some common ground, some common medium through which a mutual exchange can unfold. But how shall we locate, or establish, a common ground between ourselves and the rest of nature? David Abram

On a spring day, I lean back against the trunk of a tree my hands in connection with the warm bark. My senses extend into the tree feeling its deep dark earth roots…but what is this? A tree sense is also opening to me in mutual reciprocity.

Psychotherapy’s strong emphasis on internal experience reflects the alienated bubble of western culture, in which the isolated ego defends itself from what ecologist and author Paul Shepard called ‘the others.’ We may explore that transitional space between inner and outer reality, and we may also exercise ‘empathy’ – but where do we make that cut (off) between inner and outer?

In this experiential day we will explore where we put this arbitrary boundary and what those things we consider the others subsequently carry for us. Through extending what is included within the relational therapeutic field, we will deconstruct and re-vision notions of containment, holding, facilitating environment with a view to a shift in awareness towards a reciprocal affinity between human and the other-than-human.

To show your interest in this event and make it happen for yourself and/or others please either comment below  or go to this private registration of interest form I AM INTERESTED

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2 thoughts on “Reciprocal affinity – another way into ecopsychology

    1. commongroundni Post author

      Hi Nathalie – yes this is an interesting workshop. We are blessed to have Chris on the facilitators team. As a one day event we will run it back to back with one or two other days so that participants who want to come from a distance will have an fulfilling few days to experience. RB


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