Professional training

Ecopsychology is the study of the relationships between humans and the environment – a combination of the approaches of psychology and ecology.

This series of workshops is for professionals who want to learn about ecopsychology and how it can improve their work with people. This includes therapists, counsellors, social workers, teachers and occupational therapists who want do some work outdoors. It is also for those who already work outdoors — for example, outdoor educators, rangers, conservationists, horticulturalists and youth and community workers who want to deepen the healing aspect of their work.

This can also improve the efficacy of those whose work can only happen indoors.

There are introductory workshops:

and a longer course in preparation for developing your practice —

Common Ground will also host an ecopsychology mini-conference.

Robbie Breadon is offering a workshop called listening to the body which is relevant to indoor work and essential for outdoor work.

The individual retreat is also an option for professionals who need to take some time out from their practice.


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