Local ecology

This series of workshops will be an opportunity for local people to extend and deepen their knowledge of the ecology of the East Erne area. There are a diverse range of habitats in the locality of the farm, including rivers/lakes, bogland/marsh, moorland, deciduous woodland, agricultural land and agri-forestry.  In addition to the science, participants will also consider what specific habitats and their inhabitants mean to our culture,  e.g. the salmon is associated with journeying, return and wisdom. This is the interface between ecology and psychology. The groups will be based on the farm and use field trips to experience directly the habitats and the biodiversity on their doorstep. This may include school groups. It will be facilitated by an ecologist.

To show your interest in this short course and make it happen for yourself and/or others please either comment below or go to the Registration of Interest form — dates will be published later.


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