Personal and Community Resilience

We are very happy to offer this group to nurture personal and community resilience.

The programme will help participants:

  • Be mindful of the psycho-emotional effects of living in a time of multiple global crises;
  • Develop techniques for alleviating stress and managing fear, grief & anxiety;
  • Increase self-confidence and resilience;
  • Bring outdoor activity to everyday life as a way of coping with stress and self-management;
  • Increase feelings of being grounded, centered and self-resourced;
  • Learn simple ways of growing food at home;
  • Learn about sourcing and cooking wholefoods;
  • Maintain your health independently;
  • Increase confidence in going outdoors to find solace, wider perspective and meaning.

It will run on a series of Monday afternoons April to June 2024 for a total of 10 meetings, starting on April 22nd.

All the other details are in this document – Personal-and-Community-Resilience

It is open to all adults, as everyone is subject to the challenges of the time, and you can use the self referral page here – Self Referral Page , or the enquiry box below.