Our vision and mission

This whole is in all its parts so beautiful,and is felt by me to be so intensely in earnest, that I am compelled to love it  – Robinson Jeffers, poet

Our vision
A Northern Ireland that leads the world to a greater awareness of how communities can honour diversity and engage in deeply connected relationships with the natural environment (more on our vision here).
Our mission
Common Ground’s mission is to create a space where individuals and groups from all communities can explore their relationships with the natural environment and each other (more on our mission here).



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2 thoughts on “Our vision and mission

  1. Sandy Gee

    Hi Robbie and Fe,
    I think this is a great website – beautiful photos, great layout, clear and navigable, home page good and your ‘Please participate’ invitation is great.
    I missed a ‘who we are’ page and would like to see more of a history of the vision and the inspiration.
    Plus I found it a bit frustrating/disappointing to have pages with no writing yet – I’d prefer if you didn’t have them visible till you have written those pages.
    Plus are you wanting volunteers to come and help out with anything?
    I’ll keep your project in mind over the next while as I mull what I’m next wanting to do…
    I wish you every success and look forward to hearing your progress,

    1. commongroundni Post author

      Hi Sandy – I am just returning to your comment – the site has developed a lot since – I so appreciated your feedback.
      We are working towards volunteers participating from April/May 2016. Warm wishes. RB


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