Nature and soul retreat

Michael Connors and Rhonda Brandrick

5 Day Nature and Soul Retreats

These five day intensives will help you deepen in your understanding and experience of what soul is and how it is calling you to your deepest emerging purpose.

Through deep time on the land, Soulcraft ™ methods, movement, poetry and mindfulness we can come into a deepening experience of our connection to nature. This moves us from the everyday story of our lives into a wilder, mythic and poetic conversation that offers us insight, resources, creativity and inspiration for our emerging soulful life.

Spring Retreat – Grieving Earth Springing Hope


When I feel, I mean really feel, at last I can allow my true nature to come forth.

Flowing like the spinning galaxies and aching like the moons deep pull

Mountains rise and fall and still it moves

These forces shape me, as they tear down valleys in wild torrents, open chasms to carved dark caves.

To dare to feel this, is to harness its strength.  MC

At this time of Imbolc the earth begins to move again towards the beginning of spring and growth. It is a time to reflect on the threshold between despair and hope. We face a deepening crisis of the loss of life’s diversity, with destruction of ecosystems – and yet we also see emerging a new story, a new way, that each one of us has a role to play in the guardianship of the earth. This is a time for us to sit together and individually, with the other than human, to find guidance and renewed strength in our future emergence. It can be a time when the dark dreams of winter come into this world and manifest into our lives.

Summer Retreat – Re Wilding the Human

Our body-Earth body,

Stop and feel!

Sinews stretched as branches of trees

Feet rooted in clay and stone

birds in our hair, and beasts crossing our hands.

the misty clouds on our forehead

When we remember to re imagine our wild body,

then truly we are home again.   MC

At this time the welcoming of summer’s abundance can occur and we can turn our attention to the south and the warmth of the sun. In this wild place of flourishing life, deep indigenous
resources can be found to bring us back into an ever-deepening remembering of who we really are. We the ones who can connect and understand, imagine, sense and feel our way into our souls’ part in this wild world. It is also through this wider perspective that we find reorientation with our own personal story and unfolding within greater stories of the cosmos and earth. At this time the energy of growth is flooding in, and we can harness this to embody our own
emergence as a wild loving part of the greater earth community.

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