Common Ground’s mission is to create a space where individuals and groups from all communities can explore their relationships with the natural environment and each

Common Ground is dedicated to offering the practices of ecopschyology and ecotherapy to the communities of Ireland from its unique and innovative base in County Fermanagh. Common Ground is open to the peoples of Northern and Southern Ireland, as well as to individuals and groups who are willing to travel from the British Isles and beyond.

Common Ground recognises that many of the challenges faced by humanity at this time are due to our relational disconnection from the ecological network that holds and sustains us. As such, its primary intention is to co-create a space within the landscape where people can come to experience the therapeutic benefits of spending focussed time in nature and reconnecting to self and environment. The activities of Common Ground will aim to actively benefit both
humanity and nature by encouraging synergistic relationships so that our actions become
sustainable and supportive of life.

By locating itself in the Ulster countryside, Common Ground will acknowledge and work with the wounds of history that are carried by the landscape itself. Common Ground invites people to enter into a cooperative relationship with the land, to be in service to it and to recognise the way in which the land also serves us. This leads to an increased awareness of how we are all connected to each other within nature. A natural outcome of Common Ground’s work is a
renewed sense of kinship that transcends religious and cultural backgrounds.


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