Listening to the body

An experiential and embodied exploration of body-mind-environment with Robbie Breadon

This workshop is an invitation to psychotherapists and counsellors to include the body in their work with clients. It is offered as a threshold to outdoor work but aims to change the perspective and efficacy of indoor work.

The body of the therapist and the body of the client are central in the therapeutic processes. This is acknowledged and integrated into to the work in varying degrees by the different schools and trainings. Some practitioners never make a body-based intervention and for others this way of working accounts for most of what they do.

This workshop will develop your understanding of the role of the body in working with people – the client’s narrative, transference/countertransference, client/therapist self care, somatic
expression of issues, and body-focussed interventions.

The body is important in the process of reconnection to the natural environment. To pay attention to the body is to acknowledge our nature.  It is possible to work outdoors without focusing directly on the body yet to do so opens the possibility of more creativity and depth.  Together we will look at and challenge the illusion of these psychological splits – psyche from body, body from environment and psyche from environment.

To show your interest in this event and make it happen for yourself and/or others please either comment below  or go to this private registration of interest form I AM INTERESTED

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4 thoughts on “Listening to the body

  1. Millie Light

    I would be really interested in exploring the body in the outside environment; this workshop is greatly appealing!

    1. commongroundni Post author

      Hi Millie – we are glad that you find this workshop so appealing. It will be great to work with you at Common Ground. RB

  2. Marilyn Denbigh

    I’d definitely be interested in this, but it would have to be at least a couple of days to warrant travel from the deepest darkest SW of England.

    1. commongroundni Post author

      Hi Marilyn – thanks for your enthusiasm – for those travelling from a distance for a short event we can create a package around it including retreat time and local cultural visit.


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