Healing the Wounds and Accessing the Gifts of Ancestral Heritage: Through Landscape and the Deep Imagination. 26th – 31st July 2018

“Often our loneliness and isolation is due to a failure of spiritual imagination.

We forget that there is no such thing as an empty space.

All space is full of presence, particularly the presence of those

who are now in eternal invisible form.” — John O’Donohue


With Guides: Peter Scanlan and Rhonda Brandrick

Deep in our bones we carry the DNA of ancestral stories that have been passed down to us over many generations. Woven in the shadows of time and the family narrative, with all the migrations, celebrations, tragedies, gifts and wounds, are the ways we have been formed often beyond our knowing. These hidden histories haunt us with a kind of longing for what we do not know, for a sense of belonging, a sense of a wider dimension to our story of origins and who we most fully are that eludes us. They have the power to influence our emotions, our life decisions, and how we think of ourselves.

Through genealogy, we can uncover valuable facts about our ancestry. While this can be an important adjunct to healing ancestral wounds and accessing ancestral gifts, it is not the focus of this intensive. We will invite you to bring whatever factual aspects of your ancestral story that you know and, perhaps, even to do a bit of research before coming. When such information is not available, however, it is not an impediment, as we will be working with a less tangible aspect of the ancestral story, a different level of “reality”.

During our time together we will utilize landscape and the deep imagination, as well as other doorways, to enter the House of the Ancestors to track the known and unknown people and stories that have shaped our lives in mysterious ways. There will be ample opportunity to wander the spectacular emerald landscape of Ireland’s interior, listening with our bones and the ears of our imaginative hearts to ancestral energies engaging with them and embodying them in story, movement, and image. Woven between wanders we will utilize poetry,council, deep imagery, ceremony and dream work to court the Old Ones and sort the threads of our personal and collective stories. Through this process, we will seek a deepened sense of ourselves,find lost heirlooms, and possibly bring a balm to ancient wounds.

These days together of keen listening to what the ancestors have to tell us will be a gift to them as well as to ourselves. When we intimately encounter the ancestral stories that are living in our bones, our compassion for our own history as well as the world’s wounds opens up a depth of soulful understanding that can truly begin a radical revolution in consciousness.

Guide and Facility fee: £530

~Food as Poetry~

Planning and preparing healthy, delicious meals together is our way of nurturing community among us. Participants will team up to plan, purchase food, and prepare meals in a full kitchen.

Maximum number of participants: 12

Registration requires a £200

Non-refundable deposit with balance due 30 days before the start of the program.

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