Environmental movement

All creative activity begins with movement. – Joseph Zinker

Learning is movement from moment to moment. –  Jiddu Krishnamurti

We all have reasons          
for moving.          
I move         
to keep things whole.
           – Mark Strand

A 3 day workshop with Sandra Reeve and Therese O’Driscoll

Environmental movement is a way of experiencing our own movement within the context of the natural movements occurring around us – in the land, in the weather, in the flora and in the
human world.

This workshop is the embodied study of ‘constellation’* and offers us the experience of being part of or ‘belonging’ to this beautiful planet through our movement. Non-verbally we can begin to feel how we are part of the intricate web of life, fully interdependent rather than isolated atoms going about our business.

The group will use the indoor facilities at Common Ground to support outdoor processes of learning and exploration. This will happen at contrasting sites around or near the farm. Participants will gain a deeper understanding how different habitats affect them and how to be present and respond in new ways.

This will be facilitated by the simple dynamic principles of Sandra’s work which is called Move into Life. The work brings to awareness dynamics that already exist in the natural world and in our own bodies.  By becoming aware of them and playing with them we can consciously embody them. This opens us to the experience of ourselves being situate in our motion. We become not just embodied but also embedded within the context.

Participants will gain a new perspective on who they are, develop a way of being present to life and of participating in their life as a flowing, moving being. Their inner and outer worlds may seem more integrated, they may experience themselves as more connected to nature and be aware of how they move in relationship with other people.

This movement practice will be part of the regular movement practice at Common Ground. Participants will therefore be able to return and be supported in developing their practice between ongoing visits by Sandra and Therese.

No previous experience of dance for movement is necessary for this workshop. It requires no particular experience, skills or physical ability. All that is needed is a willingness to explore movement out-of-doors, and suitable outdoor gear (which will be indicated on enrolment).

*a group of associated things

Move into Life. It’s…

Like yoga without any positions
Like dance without any steps
Like walking without a destination
Like meditation without the stillness
Like autobiography without the words.

Move into Life is a way of:
Developing movement as an art form
​Exploring how we are in relationship, in nature, in our bodies
Enquiring into our experience of life
Identifying the habits and patterns that define our lives
Making new choices about how we live.

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Dates will be published later.