Creative writing in nature

An indoor/outdoor creative writing workshop with Grace Wells.

This weekend workshop will offer writers the chance to bring their notebooks out into nature and let the natural environment inform poetry, memoir and fiction. Immersed in the beautiful landscape of Common Ground we’ll explore how the sensuous realities of earth, river, trees and meadow stir memory, create story and allow participants to open to the unconscious, forging connections with myth, symbol and collective wisdom.

Over the two days we’ll explore how the natural environment can inspire new work, and how being in the present moment can let the real world articulate things we didn’t even know we we ready to say.

This is an outdoor/indoor workshop so participants are invited to dress for Irish weather, wear good shoes and be prepared for an amount of walking.

To show your interest in this event and make it happen for yourself and/or others please either comment below or go to this private registration of interest form I AM INTERESTED

Dates will be published later.

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3 thoughts on “Creative writing in nature

  1. Millie Light

    I am particularly interested in this workshop and would like to combine it with a personal retreat program 🙂

    1. commongroundni Post author

      Hi Millie – yes that would be a good way to experience Grace’s work and to have to really be present within the landscape. RB


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