Creative land-combing

Creation depends upon deconstruction, a willingness to give up a previous pattern and to experiment with a new form. Letting go, the experience of emptiness and the emergence of the new characterize the creative as well as the therapeutic processes. – Steven Levine

This workshop is based on an activity that many of us do instinctively when we are outdoors.  We gather pebbles, stones, leaves, feathers, twigs and other objects and take them home to live on our mantelpieces, hearths and windowsills.  The day will involve bringing awareness to this as a active seeking of meaning and offers an opportunity to explore our inner world as a potential “landscape” – a place where we can linger and pause with our felt experience in the here and now.

The workshop will start with a period of reflection by participants to become more aware of what has attracted us to this work, to hone our intentions and orientate them to the activities of the day.

The core activity involves gathering objects outdoors – these can be anything that our imagination calls us to.  Whether it’s an object of beauty or something that shocks or disturbs us we are invited to pick it up and consider what it’s communicating to us.

In the second part of the day we allow our gatherings to take form and shape in relationship to each other – we begin to sense the themes and metaphors that accompany them.  We begin to receive the emerging narrative.

This is a creative and often therapeutic process.

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Dates will be published later.


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