Enlivening local history

This group has been formed to consider the history of the land/ landscape and how it has changed over time. It aims to reconnect people to the land through their interest in history.

It is working to bring together interested members of the local communities to work together on drawing out that history – this could be through family stories, family photo collections, media clippings etc.  The story of place is experienced directly by walking the terrain and looking at features like earthworks, ruins, buildings, farms and woods. Hence the story is embodied by stepping in the footsteps of ancestors and imagining their lives and the natural world around them. As it goes forward this work will build upon that done to create “The Road to the Hills’ book yet this is a separate project. The group will also peruse local historical archives. 

Members support each other in finding and collating/receiving the emergent story of their specific ‘home-places’ in the landscape. The stories will be GPS tagged and uploaded to the Waymarkers website.  The group met initially weekly on Wednesday in the winter-spring of 2017 and will be an ongoing one.

This is one of the ruined farmhouses lost in the forestry. These ruins will be the focus of the project as it goes forward.

A fine example of a standing stone – one of few left standing in the area.

A fine example of a balaun stone from the early Christian period – the hole in the top imagined to be used for rituals.

Another small standing stone in Cooneen /Coonian.

Some old machine buried in the ground outside one of the lost farms. Any ideas – what is it? – what’s its function?

Peering into the past – peering into the fire pit of a lime kiln at one of the lost in the forest farms.


To show your interest in this low cost group and make it happen for yourself and/or others please either comment below or go to the REGISTRATION OF INTEREST FORM♥
– dates are on the Our Calendar page..

Common Ground N.I. is grateful to Fermanagh and Omagh District Council for their grant support for this group.

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