Ongoing groups

These are low-cost ongoing groups that are open to members of the local communities.  Each group will meet regularly – fortnightly or monthly.  The purpose of these groups to to deepen people’s connection to the the landscape, its history and others living in the neighbourhood who share these interests.

Our current groups are:


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2 thoughts on “Ongoing groups

  1. Betsy Wetzig

    Wish you were closer to Pa in the USA. .. But you are so onto the right pulse with both embodiment and community building. Do you know of InterPlay. They use improvisation of movement/dance, music and story telling, to build community and teach leadership skills. They have local groups worldwide. Seems like a match made in heaven. Someday I hope to come and give a Walking Through Forgiveness Workshop. Walking and Forgiveness both use our neuromuscular movement-mind link and the workshop helps people improve and get insights into both. Happy Fall and Growing. Betsy

  2. Chris Payne

    Groups of this kind are of such importance in building and connecting communities. There is nothing better than being among elders telling about our past and how we arrived here.


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