New Start for Common Ground – 2021

Common Ground is an innovative organization that has been growing since the seed for a nature based project was found during an
ecopsychology conference in 2012. That was the first gathering of its kind in these islands and Edge of the Wild has become an annual event.

In 2015 planning permission was approved for an education, retreat and  therapy centre based on the farm in Co Fermanagh Northern Ireland.  The planning approval is for the upgrade and change of use of an array of old farm buildings and a rural community shop that closed in 1977.
Common Ground N.I. was established as a not-for-profit Community Interest Company at the end of 2015.

Since then the work has gone on to develop the activities, the networks, the partnerships and a international community of support for Common Ground. There have been an abundance of therapeutic groups, creativity, artistic events, mini-conferences, gatherings and celebrations of the
seasonal cycles. Common Ground has proven its worth at local, provincial and national levels.

However the true potential of the original vision cannot be manifested without the buildings to accommodate the planned activities which include:
nature based retreats, expressive arts in nature, nature based therapies and professional trainings in ecopsychology and ecotherapy.

During  this pivotal time at the end of 2020, and moving into 2021, we are reconstructing the website and evolving the organization. In essence it is a new beginning. If you are interested in getting  involved then please get in touch. We are particularly interested in investors, fundraisers, creative thinkers, sustainable craftworkers or builders, volunteers for building, farm and garden work and anyone interested in being part of this
community as it evolves into the next phase.

We remain open for individual ecotherapy, professional consultation, bespoke training,  horticulture therapy group spring 2021, rental of
innovative rural conference/meeting space, enquiries for collaboration and our seasonal cycle celebrations.
As mentioned already we need onsite volunteers on an on going basis.

For up to date news go to our facebook page –  Common Ground 


To get a taste of Common Ground – have a look at the following video.


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55 thoughts on “New Start for Common Ground – 2021

  1. Salvatore Lauro

    I found the poem above moving and well stated. The poem reminded me so much of my own feelings of struggling to connect with nature and others. I will be sharing it and passing it along. Thank You.

    1. commongroundni Post author

      Hi Salvatore
      Thanks for your open hearted comment. I am pleased that you are touched and that you will share with others. RB

  2. Ashen

    Your lovely line … ‘From dawn to dusk sunlight is offered equally’ … made me think of a Rumi poem:

    “And still, after all this time,
    The sun never says to the earth,
    “You owe Me.”

    Look what happens with
    A love like that,
    It lights the Whole Sky.”

    1. commongroundni Post author

      Hi Ashen – that’s a wonderful connection you’ve made – thanks for visiting Common Ground. Come again – look around. RB

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