New Chapter in Common Ground Story – 2022 Onwards

A new chapter in the story of Common Ground has being in writing since Spring 2022. The renewed vision is for community ownership with a combination of brotherhood and sisterhood working together to deepen the collective healing that is so needed at this time.

This is a ‘community of interest’ with members from all over Northern Ireland, Ireland, the UK and beyond. There will be a simple egalitarian governance structure based on sociocracy, including a group of individuals holding the centre by living and working together here on the farm. In the next twelve months the farm will pass from private to community ownership. Like-minded people from all over the world will be able to buy shares and become members  in an offer that will be launched in Spring 2023.

The community as a whole will support the refurbishment of the buildings, the ongoing rewilding of the land and be invited to participate in all the activities that will then become possible. You may recall that there is planning permission for an Ecotherapy, Education and Retreat Centre that will include the current old shop, garage, byres and what was the old dairy and storeroom.

Common Ground N.I. as a Community Interest Company will continue to be based here and will be part of what evolves – as a subsiduary to the larger community organization – Common Ground Community Benefit Society.

The community can be seen as an  ecology in which each of us will find our niche – including people living on site, individuals in a new governance structure with circles responsible for different aspects. For example a group dedicated to preserving the amazing biodiversity on the farm, another to to organize eco-therapies and community healing events and yet another to manage to development of the buildings.
There are members locally who come on site regularly to volunteer or attend events, courses, workshops. There are investors and members who support from further away coming to the farm once in a while and those who are unlikely to visit yet are inspired to support from a distance.

If you are interested in learning more about these developments, would like to get involved or simply be kept informed of developments then use the contact page to register your interest.

For up to date news go to our facebook page –  Common Ground 

To get a taste of Common Ground – have a look at the following video.

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55 thoughts on “New Chapter in Common Ground Story – 2022 Onwards

  1. Margaret Ahearne

    Great poem Robbie what a great facility you are making available to people of all walks of life .As a 32 county Ethics Institute we 100% support your expertise & generosity of spirit in making this island the best country it can be by building strong foundations on common ground .
    Margaret Ahearne
    Founder /CEO Ethics Institute Ireland

    1. commongroundni Post author

      Hi Margaret – thanks for your very clear affirmation. We must build for all and build together. RB

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