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Nature is not a place to visit, it is our home… Gary Snyder – poet

Fermanagh is renowned for its varied and beautiful landscape. There are vast expanses of upland – moors and mountains, from the Sliabh Beagh/ Slieve Beagh range in the east, the Cuilcagh and Marlbank to the southwest and Belmore and Navar in the west. There are many lakes and rivers in the region. In particular, the vast lakeland that is Upper and Lower Lough Erne bisects and defines the county.

Most of the people who live here are engaged in agriculture, with 80% of the land being used for dairy/beef and sheep farming. Because there is so much upland and wetland a lot of the county is unsuitable for intensive agriculture. This has led to extensive forestry plantation in the last century. Fermanagh’s varied landscape combines to provide an important biodiversity, which supports 50% of Northern Ireland’s Priority Habitats.

East Erne, where our farm is located, is an area of mixed farmland, agri-forestry, and open moorland. The region is dominated by the Slieve Beagh / Sliabh Beagh range of low mountains to the south and east. This is an area where progressive farming has been slow to dominate the landscape. Here you can still find many small farms and places that have been left relatively wild. There are many hedgerows with mature trees. The farm is in the townland of Tattenabuddagh and across the river from Cooneen. Areas of deciduous woods, open moor and bogland are all nearby.

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