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Common Ground seeks to nurture and sustain healthy relationships between people and nature. We work with the relationship between the individual and their natural environment, between communities and the landscape in which they live. All of our ongoing developmental processes and decision-making includes one consideration: what does the land and all of its inhabitants need?

We value balancing the intellect with experiencing other aspects of who we are – our bodies, our imaginations, our dreams, our emotions: the whole of each person. Further than that, we know that a truly holistic practice includes the total environment. Hence we offer a place to learn and grow that is based on the experience and expression of that totality, a place of embodied ecopsychology.

There are difficult times ahead as climate change escalates and we will do what we can to prepare ourselves and others with psychological insight, emotional resilience,  practical skills and spiritual resources.  Within the challenges facing us we find a calling – to learn to actively care for the earth, to form healthy communities and live sustainably.


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3 thoughts on “Our values

  1. Ismail Asmall

    This is where it’s at. So exciting and so inspirational. would love to participate in such a project for this addresses what is needed now.

    1. commongroundni Post author

      Hi Ismail – thanks for your encouragement – you are very welcome at any time – I wonder if there are specific aspects/workshops that interest you? RB

  2. Sarah Deco

    This is such a wonderful resource. A centre which is able to combine the the human/psychological with the environmental and ecological is so much needed. I very much look forward to visiting.


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